Reach RS First Update Video Guide

Hello there,

We’ve just released the first video of Reach RS Getting Started series!

The video covers the process of first-time updating: powering Reach RS on, connecting to a Wi-Fi and installing the latest version of ReachView.

This step-by-step guide makes the first-time setup transparent and we hope it will deliver great getting started experience to new users.

Check the quickstart guide for Reach RS in our docs: Contents | Reach RS/RS+

More tutorial videos are coming soon!

Emlid Team


Isn’t this the same workflow for updating the Reach Module?

Yes, with some small exceptions such as pressing buttons.

Thanks Brent. I just received my kit and got them updated this evening using the doc and this seemed so close I was just curious what was different enough that the guys wouldn’t make the video for both units and just highlight any small differences.

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