Reach RS+ battery will not charge

I purchased 2 Reach RS+ devices late last year. I charged both of them and set them up. After seting them up, we set them on the shelf with the intention to use them for a project beginning in Q2 of 2019. We pulled them from the shelf to begin using them and now they will not turn on nor charge. We have used different USB chargers and left them plugged in for several day with no luck. I have been unable to get new batteries nor get them repaired. This has been going on for nearly 2 weeks with no resolution. This is now delaying the project that we were to use these devices for. Does anyone know where we can purchase replacement batteries for these units?

Is this your first attempt at contact, or have you already been writing to ?


Are they still in warranty? If so it is best to use those channels.

Alternate Plan (not recommended for beginners and will most certainly void the warranty)

  • it appears that the internal battery voltage has gradually dropped over time to a point where the charge controller will not allow energy to flow into the battery. The only way to confirm this is to carefully disassemble the unit and manually check the cell pack voltage with a multimeter. If it is below 2.5V, it is possible this protection feature was activated.

  • In this case you could manually bypass the battery controller and charge the pack manually with a benchtop DC power supply at a controlled supply of 3.0V and limit of about 100 mA. DO NOT use a higher voltage or charge current, and continuously monitor the pack for any heat. At this current there should not be an issue.

  • Once the pack is up to 3.0V, try connecting it back to the internal charge controller the see if it accepts a charge now…

Do this 100% at your own risk, and read-up on LiFePO4 cell technology before you try.
**Admin’s, i understand if you do not want this advice on this forum and must delete…

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Hi Hal,

Please accept my apologies for the delayed response. We were figuring out the best way to get you the operational receivers. Someone from our team will be in touch with you via email soon.

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