New Emlid RS+ units not charging

Hi all,

I think we have this exact same issue:

Our timeline is pretty much identical as well…We got the units last fall, charged them up, did some tests, and put them away until April. Now they won’t charge. I’ve tried different USB cables, different USB plugs, but nothing will come on. No lights flashing. At one point, there was a very long amber blink light followed by a short light off. But now both units, when plugged in, have no lights at all. I can leave it this way overnight but nothing changes. A long hold on the power switch does nothing…

Any thoughts? I wanted to use these in the field this upcoming Monday but will now probably have to wait :/:unamused:

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Hi @sagunn,

Can you please share serial numbers of these units?
You can find it on the bottom side of Reach RS+ under the bar code.

probably best to Private Message those to her @sagunn

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Thank you

Hi Scott,

I replied to you over email.