Reach rs 2 not starting - sim problem

I have a problem. When i have a gsm sim from a specific operator, the reach rs 2 dosen t starts. Any ideea what could be the problem? The sim has been placed correctly.

What firmware are you running?

I am using the latest firmware 22.4.( the stable version)

I Have an update. I tested in rtk mode, in a place with full gsm signal and it works ok. If i am in an area with poor GSM signal ( with a GSM sim inside with internet data) the reach rs 2 fails to start. Any ideea why?

Hi @SAM88,

That’s weird, I’ve never met such behavior before.

May I ask you to PM me a Full System report generated on the device? To get it, go to the ReachView Settings (gear-shaped button). It’ll allow me to dig into the issue.

Hi. I sent on PM full report.

Hi @SAM88,

Thanks, I’ve downloaded it! I’ll look into the report.

Also, could you answer a couple of additional questions? It’ll allow me to understand the whole situation a bit better.

Do you mean you can’t connect to Reach hotspot form your phone? Or the app just doesn’t load?

The receiver is showing lights when i push the button, but after several seconds it dosen t start. I observed that IT happened in an area with low GSM signal.

Hi @SAM88,

Any chance you can share the video of this behavior with us? How long are you keeping the button pushed while it happens?

I press for 5 seconds, then i Wait, after 1 min IT shuts, no lights. This happens mostly in low GSM areas. In weekend i will send a video.

Hi @SAM88,

Thanks! The video will help us a lot.

when i take out the sim it works well, it starts ok.

Hi Sam,

One more question.

At this moment, are the LEDs blinking one-by-one as it’s shown on the gif below?


yes the led is blinking…

Does it stop to blink and shuts down automatically or you need to turn it off manually?

In low GSM areas With the sim inside, IT starts ok, after 1 min instead of showing leds IT shuts down automatically.


I checked the video you shared, and, according to the LED status, it looks like the unit works fine. Is it possible to connect to its hotspot at this stage?

In that area works fine … Yess i can Connect to hotspot

I sent a PM with the problem…

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Hi Sam,

Thank you! The video is indeed very helpful. We’re looking into the issue at the moment. Once we have any update, I’ll write back.