Reach NTP server

We are developing a distributed sensor setup in which we’ll use the Reach for high-precision georeferencing of measurements on a mobile platform. However, as time synchronization between the sensors is of high importance, we want to use the Reach rover module as a Stratum-1 time server by using the time mark pulse.

Preferably, the Reach would be running the ntpd and gpsd deamons itself, thus functioning as the time server for the entire network, but alternatively we need to use an external module for running the software.
Can you provide some details about the schematics of the Reach? Have you interfaced the uBlox module to the Edison directly? Is the time mark puls available on one of the Edison’s pins for accurate timestamping of the GPS time information?

Also, what are the real-time capabilities of the Edison in the software version you are shipping? Would it be possible to attach/build a kernel module for monitoring of the time mark pulse?
Basically what I want to do is to draw on all the great information found on e.g. this page: and set up a similar system with the Reach.

I think it would be a great addition to the software stack of the module if you could provide a high-accuracy time server in addition to the high accuracy GPS information.