Reach M+ GPS time sync

I want to synchronize time of 2 wireless PCs (both have serial port available) and I have 2 Emlid Reach M+ available for me. My idea is to get nmea sentences trough USB and also connect port C2 which has PPS pin to PCs serial interface. I would use gpsd software to do actual time synchronization. Is something like this doable without too much hacking and what kind of adapters for JST-GH 5 pin to serial or USB would you guys suggest? Would love to hear some thoughts about this.

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I guess this comment from Igor is what you’re looking for:

As for the adapters, it depends on the available pins on your end device. You can use the direct USB connection of Reach to the PC.

Thanks for your reply. This is very usefull, altho quoted reply suggests to use Raspberry Pi, but I want to use regular desktop pc. Would there be any differences, since on raspberry you connect PPS pin to some GPIO?

It seems that it’s hardly possible to do that with a regular PC because it might not have the necessary pin to receive a PPS signal.

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