Reach M2 with Samsung NX camera

Hi. I have been using a reach rtk module with a Sony RX100 without problems for more than a year now.

I also have a Samsung NX 1000 camera, but it does not work with reach rtk module at shutter speeds of 1/200 and above.

Does anyone know if Reach M2 is compatible with Samsung NX1000 camera at shutter speeds of 1/800 or 1/1000?

It would be great if I could use the Samsung camera with its larger APS-C sensor.

I think its the camera. I have the nx100 which has a limit at 1/200 I think. Above this speed it doesn’t produce a trigger signal. I of course, hacked it to overcome the problem. Nothing Reach can do about it

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Thanks for your answer @TB_RTK, I´ll check your post!

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