WINGED RPAS - RO1-OPEN C2 /3Dmapping/PPK ready !WORK LOG!

Essential reading for the Ranger. Crusing speed at 13m/s :thinking:

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Tried webodm, this is from first run. Bunch of pictures from random location around the object. No adjustmens, out of the box result


Nice. You beat me to opendronemap. I’ve had my eyes on it for a couple of years and it looks like it’s getting simpler to use. I was just looking the other day. Is it worth spending the bucks on the installer? or just go free?

I did the manual way. It wasnt that difficult and i am no Unix dude.
The cool think is use of nodes, you could spread the load on to mutiple computer for really fast processing.
This clip got me out of few hickups.


@TB_RTK Congratulation for the constant quality and enthusiastic posts you drop here. Man, you are really passionate about Emlid techs. :+1:




Just dropping a bunch of pictures here, they speak for them selfs i think.
But so far i hooked up 3dr radios and succesfully connected to mission planer and done the mandatory things for the radio and the calibration.

The next big reveal is the camera. I got a couple of the Samsung NX100 cheap from ebay along with the prime 30mm lense which is the better one in that production line. This camera had all i was looking for and it was cheap (90$) on Ebay.
It had jackplug for triggering and hotshoe to log presice timestamp on Reach.
Well, it all turned out well almost, made trigger cable out of TRRS or TRS jack plug and hooked it to the navio2 with the settings used as you can see from the screenshot down below.
To trigger camera i used GND and IO18 on the uart.
Now, for the hotshoe sync part, Samsung nx100 stops syncing and out this signal to the hotshoe X-aync terminals with shutterspeed faster then 1/180. Above this Reach will NOT record any events with THIS camera, so i have two options,

1.Roll over and give up NX and get a different camera
2.Investigate other options with the NX100.

Now, i could still trigger camera in air with missionplanner and map the old fashion style with a bunch of GCP and make the orthomap accurate that way without Reach, but for now this is plan B or C… Maybe D :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Since 1/180 shutterspeed is way to slow for 15-20 m/s air speed (the pictures gets to blurry etc), the plane would move 11cm with 1/180 shutter and a speed of 20 m/s. I need a least 1/500 or faster to freeze the image enough i think. 1/500 (2 millisecond) shutter would move the scene 4cm or the plane move 4cm in this time.

So, going for option nr.2 and digg into what options remain left for me and this plane.
I got the triggering thing working and was thinking if i got the offset dead on (the time when the trigger is pushed to picture is taken) i could apply time offset and ad a delay when signal is to trigger event on Reach.

@emlid, i call on you to see if this is a doable feature?
Is it possible to add a millisecond +/- offsett to WHEN an event is triggered in Reach, base on incomming puls on the GND and Time Mark pin?
If so, there would be alot easier for those camerea without hotshoe and a part less in the whole setup.
It would depend on the camera, it need somewhat stabel shutter lag (respons time). But i do think most mirrorless cameras with focus hold has fairly good spec in this area.

Anyways and i am propably missing something, so please speak out you know of any hickups i might run into about this offset.

Next, how to determined shutterlag down to a millisecond??? I have few ideas, but i need to open a new thread for that. Update this post with link.

Well, i think thats it for now. Enjoy


Yeh,i forgot. If you buy the 3dr 433mhz, go for the V2, not the V1.
V1 doesnt have usb on the air modul, and if you mess up the config like i did, you need a FTDI USB-Serial adapter, like this one to reset it



So did you manage to trigg the Samsung with shutter speeds faster than 1/180?

I have a NX1000 and have the same problem.

Sorry no. Not without some kind of hardware hack.

But i am working on something different

If you love your camera, look away now and stop reading, this is not for the fainted one :grimacing:

To make a short story long. I hooked up wires to the shutter curtain motor and triggers time mark on reach, just about the same time picture is taken.
I hope the delay/offset is negligible, need to run test to verify this but should not be more then few miliseconds off… i guess.


How many screws and springs were left over after the camera was reassembled?


It should work perfectly ! May be you have to clean your sensor now :wink:

One screw left :sweat_smile:
And next time, its gonna be one more :grimacing:

You know, . A litle part of my photography heart was crying when i started drilling through the bottom case, bits and pieces were flying…:cry: (and the rest of the heart was singing: Hey shorty!, its your birthday.…)


Sadly one more year, good research. Somethings need to be removed from internet :-/
I think you could find another cheap second hand samsung :wink: My nx1100 died last year but without need of crying :slight_smile:

Yeah, they go cheap one bay. And those with faulty top wheel is an easy fix.
I have one more nx100 to use, i just bought cause it had the nice 30mm prime in the package.

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Gotta love Lego.
Looks like crap but then nobodys going to steal it :nerd_face:

Total mass with all parts and two 2.2amp lipo. Only 1900g


Hi @TB_RTK … any news on this great project?
I was looking into WebODM and find they have no support for PPK/RTK data of the camera position :frowning:
Seems only way is GCPs

Hi, the plane has been grounded due to lack of presence of the pilot. He is stuck painting his real life house :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:
But i plan to fly and test it as soon as my real life lets me.
With gcp and webodm i can live with few check points for the pricetag of free. And its a ongoing progress with the odm, so i hope they release a ppk feature in the future. I am in no hurry at the moment.

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