Reach M2 / Unable to access reach view hot spot

Reach M2 in hot spot mode, new location and new wifi network.
Working on PC with Chrome. Attempting to configure for new wifi network.
Wifi connection to rover OK. Ping OK, but no answer in browser when typing IP
Look like web App not working.

Configuration of RS2 base work fine.

I there a way for an hardware default reset?

Thank for your help.

Just to make sure, the PC is connected to the hotspot on the receiver and no WiFi is involved? Is your computer on the 192.168.42.x range?

Yes you are right. Yes the computer is on

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If you can connect with a mobile device you can do a master reset there.

Mobile device say:
“We can’t seem to find any Reach receivers in your local network.”
Phone is connected on wifi hotspot.
The question is : any tricks to make a harware reset. like the little reset button :slight_smile:

I can’t tell for sure without accessing the devices, but this to me sounds like you are not on the same networks. Can you connect via a mobile device? If so can you have the receiver connect to your local WiFi?

Hi @FredoWatertracks,

How is it going? Were you able to connect to the receiver? Have you checked if your laptop and receiver are in the same network?

I am fine thanks :grinning:
Yes,connected but without any reason. Later on i get problem with sat reception who disappears suddently after some time.
Looks like faulty components drifting with temperature. Device has been send to our reseller after discussion with him.
Thanks for your attention.

Hi Fred,

Thanks for your response!

It seems like the troubleshooting will be continued with the dealer.