Reach M2 PPK Drone Mapping workflow & NTRIP

Indeed. Like renting, only do it if you have to.

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I am a big proponent of DroneDeploy but I will say that I detest :slight_smile: their pricing structure. Unless you fly a couple of times a week it is just too expensive. We have been on the Enterprise plan for almost seven years and it blows anything else away as far as what we do in construction. The level project management and analysis just isn’t found elsewhere. We have a lot of projects going on concurrently and at least 50 people in our Organization. It’s a pretty penny but we pay for it 3x over easily.


Joe, here is the link to the online store for
Agisoft Metashape Professional Edition
Node-locked license, $ 3,499.00 (I believe, in US Dollars)
and to their resellers in Australia, (Of which there are 4 of them).

Hi Joe,

It must be a miscommunication. We were in touch with DroneDeploy support even before this issue occurred, and we’re interested in resolving this as well. So I’ll get back to you once we have any news.

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Hi Joe,

Just received the answer from DroneDeploy that the issue is most likely in the filed names: they expect GPS Latitude/ GPS Longitude, and we provide just Latitude/Longitude. We’re currently discussing a fix with them. So, I’ll let you know once we find the solution.


Hi guys,

DroneDeploy fixed the issue, and we’ve already proved it to work fine with geotagged images from Emlid Studio. However, this feature, called Smart Uploader, is available in Beta only now.

If you want to join the beta testing, please reach out to They will add you and explain all the details.

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