REACH M+ with Panel PC with LTE ans Wifi

Is it posible to use REACH M+ with NTRIP to get correction?
I have a laptop with Wifi in Hotspot mode in order to connect the REACH to internet.

If it is possible I will acquire one of them.

Yes, with a external antenna and external battery.

Save yourself some headache and get the better multi-band M2 instead.

@ankrila may or may not have any left?


And if you are still looking for the economy of the Reach M+ and can’t get one locally, you could contact me directly about that.
(contact info at website link in my profile)

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Hi Carlos,

Sure, you can connect Reach M+ to this hotspot if it works on 2.4 GHz. Here’s the guide on how to do this.

Then, you can configure it to receive NTRIP corrections. You can check this guide to learn more.

As @timd1971 correctly mentioned, an external antenna and a power supply are required.

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