Stock Sale: M2, TOP160 Antenna, Field Genius


I have an inventory of 12 x M2, 22 x TOP106 antenna and 3 x Field Genius for Android license we are selling at a highly discounted price.

M2: €300 per unit excl. VAT
TOP106: €70 per unit excl. VAT
Field Genius for Android: €800 per unit excl. VAT

The M2 have been used shortly as a base-station in a closed cabinet. Condition is perfect. The box are missing but I have cables which come with the M2.

The M2 will be updated to newest firmware and tested before shipping.

TOP106 antennas are brand new and have never been used.

Field Genius for Android
Brand new. Has never been activated (We are reseller but have bought inventory of these).

All products are sold and shipped from RTKconnect in Denmark.
Shipping can be with e.g. UPS or GLS. Shipping costs apply.

Send me a message if you are interested.


Hi Andreas, do you still have M2 on sale? I’m interested in buying 2 units and also 1 antenna

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Hi Andrés,

Yes I stille have some few left. You can send me a DM with delivering country and I can calculate shipping cost.


Hi Andreas, I just sent you a DM, thanks!

I sent a DM yesterday also, thank you!

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Hi I am interesting at the receivers and a antenna but live on the west coast of Canada just would need to figure out shipping and import duties

Hello @ankrila

The items work great! Thank you so much!

Would you happen to remember where you got that exact power bank for your set up? I can use any of course, but that is a really nice simple small one. Would you mind sharing the 3d printed power bank holder & clips also?

Such a beautiful CLEAN set up! :slightly_smiling_face:

M2 pole mount - Reach Module / M+ / M2 / Project share - Emlid Community Forum


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