Reach M+ USB-to-PC connection

I have a Reach RS+ and a Reach M+ that I want to use as a base station and rover, respectively. The rover (Reach M+) is connected to a Windows 10 laptop, where I want to read the NMEA position output via the USB-to-PC serial option. The position correction is sent via LoRa radio, and I have the LoRa radio module for the M+ working successfully.

I followed the walkthrough for installing the appropriate drivers for the RS+/M+ with Zadig. This worked perfectly for the Reach RS+, and I can see the Reach RS+ listed in the COM port connections in Device Manager. However, when the M+ is connected via USB, it is not listed in Device Manager. Instead, Device Manager constantly refreshes (every 2-3 seconds). It’s almost like the connection is not stable. Has anyone else encountered this issue?

The RS+ is using ReachView v2.20.8, and the M+ is on v2.22.0.


Try plugging into a different USB port or try with a powered hub (or a different hub if you are already using one).

Your current USB port may be unable to provide a stable enough voltage for M+. RS+ is battery-backed, so its voltage will be stable because of the battery.

Sometimes just swapping USB cables can make the difference too.

Thanks for the tip – I connected the M+ via a powered USB docking station and it works!


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