Reach M+ *.ubx file

Hi…I have questions regarding Reach M+. Your assistance would be much appreciated.

  1. With Reach M+ enrgised and connected to wifi,
    I check the “status” of Reach M+, I see gps plot on the map and see histogram, vlocities etc.
    I enable the raw ubx button in the logging menu to capture gps data. I stop the logging and
    download the *.ubx file. I read the file using ublox u-centre.
    I do not see any data.
    Can you please advise what step I am missing?
  2. It seems that in (1) above, the data collection is free running. If I want to trigger the data collection
    using a marker signal (say from RedEdge M camera Top of Form signal), then how can I get synched
    gps data with the mark signal? Is this gps data added to the free running file in (1) above or does
    Reach M+ start a new *.ubx file?

Same UBX. Literally just answered the post below. When you run rtkconv it creates an OBS (the full track) and the NAV (the events) and creates two POS files. You will use the events POS to see the actual triggers and update the geotags in the photos. Not sure what software you will be using…

Thank you for reply.

  • I am not using rtklib yet.
  • I am trying to look at raw data *.ubx generated by Reach M+. This *.ubx data
    is available to be read using Ublox u-center software which is supplied free by ublox.
    This software enables you to see all the gps data embedded in *.ubx file.
  • At the moment I do not see any data in the *.ubx file generated by Reach M+ and hoping
    that someone can advise me on what setup still needs to be made to Reach M+ to get it
    to store all data in its *.ubx file.
  • I understand you need to use rtklib, python merging to get *.pos file and then feed into pix4d.
    I am not at this stage yet as I do not have a base station yet. I only have a rover station. So I want
    to look at rover gps data.

My pleasure and understood. I’m pretty new to the Emlid products and I’m not familiar with your workflow so I will just join the adventure. :grin:


I’d recommend starting with these guides to learn more how to work with raw logs:

You can use RTKPlot tools to look at rover gps data.

Thank you for your reply.
I do not have base station at the moment, only rover.
To use rtklib with rover only, will produce error in rtklib.
At the moment I just want to look at rover data and do not seem to get correct data from rover ubx file.
Is it possible to use Reach M+ for rover only and only look at rover data?

Sure, you can take ubx log and convert it with RTKConv into .obs file. Then you will be able to import it to RTKPlot and see the results.

Please check GPS Post-processing guide for more detailed step-by-step description

I had done this before and rtkplot came out with error missing base station data

i meant rtkpost came up with error

Unfortunately, it’s difficult to understand from your description what is the error and what may be the reason for it. Please post your step by step actions along with screenshots, also please attach your .ubx file

I followed the instructions in the emlid
The forum system does not allow me to attach ubx files. I changed them to *.nav. Please change them back.
Please note u-center software from ublox can read ubx files. I tried to read the reach ubx rover files and I did not get valid results.

raw_201901221012.nav (1.4 MB)
raw_201901221022.nav (535.1 KB)

I can’t download the first file (1.4 MB). You can uploud your log to cloud storage or you can put your log in the zip-folder and re-upload here.

Please find pdf file of steps carried out on one of my *.ubx.use rtklib.pdf (414.6 KB)

I attached zipped file (892.9 KB)

Thanks so much for the details.
As long as you have only rover file, you need to tune some settings in RTKPost. Please go to Options and in Setting1 tab select “Single” in Positiong Mode.

Then you’ll be able to process your .obs file and see the result in RTKPlot.

Let us know how it worked!

I will do it now and get back to you.

I get satellite plots, pos plot, all seems to be working.
I will experiment more to understand what I have.
So changing to single, do I have to change REACH RTK setting to single if I do not have base station or leave it on kinematic?
I am thankful for your assistance and I wish you a good day (12am here)

Great to hear you successfully processed your log.
When you have base log file, then you can use Kinematic mode.

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Hi there,

Now you can process the logs from Reach receivers in our own post-processing desktop application—Emlid Studio. It’s easy to use and has different processing modes depending on your workflow.

Please, check Emlid Studio out and let us know if any questions will appear! Don’t hesitate to create a new topic on the forum with your feedback.