REACH M+ integration for DJI Inspire v.2 and Matrice 200 for RTK/PPK survey


We would like to represent a new product from Topodrone team
UAV MAPPING Upgrading kit which can be easily installed on DJI MATRICE 200 or Inspire v.2

This solution provides up to 3 cm x,y,z accuracy of orthophoto and 3D model without using ground control points and can be easily installed or uninstalled from a drone and don’t need any external power supply (power bank, etc).

Kit includes the following:

  • Modified DJI X4S CAMERA
  • Power and events cable for GNSS receiver
  • Mouting kit for GNSS antenna
  • REACH M+ GNSS module (optional)

It can be easily ordered via a new online shop in EU.

So we just need to have DJI Inspire 2 or M200, Reach M+ abd its antenna then we buy your kit and do setup ourselve to integrate PPK?

Yes, we will provide upgraded X4s camera, cable and mounting kit and you can install it by your self on M200 or INSPIRE V2

This look promising and better solution. Could you send us the price?

How long the Inspire 2 can fly with the PPK kit?


What mm lens is given with your kit?

Where can I buy just the camera mod for an inspire 2

I have the other items

Yes it is available for order.
Just visit the following link

When I click the link the link provided, it says the website is down. Is it accessible from the USA?

Yes, I ve just tried. It works.
I can send info by e-mail

I tried the first link and it is currently affiliate with a hosting company and not drones.
I tried the second link and I only see items for the P4 and Mavic Pro, nothing for the M2xx platform.


Apologies on the first link… the eng prefix is no longer valid. Users must go to the TLD at


Please visit topodrone org for English version of website
By the way this is a link to our YouTube channel
There are some videos from EMLID conference at INERGEO 2018 where we show DJI M200 and DJI INSPIRE

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