Parrot Sequoia PPK on a DJI M200

I haven’t started yet, and I still have some questions before I get into the thick of it, so maybe you can tell me whether this sounds like a good plan or not, and where you have a better idea.
I have a dji M200 with a zenmuse x4s. I want to add different payloads, and be flexible at what to use for each scenario. Ideally I need PPK (precision during flight is not as important, but accuracy during post is important).
I want to start by adding a Parrot Sequoia.
I am planning to run a separate GPS just for geotagging.

  1. I would use REACH together with the Sequoia OR I add a Pixhawk - what’s better?
  2. The sequoia can be synchronised with the pixhawk with the “CAMremote” how does it work with just the Reach M+
  3. I want PPK geotagged images, so in the end, I’ll probably add another stills camera as this is way cheaper than getting a modified x7s like KLAU and I can use the x7s for filming. Is there a way of getting the trigger signal from the x7s or through the SDK?
  4. I will later add more payloads, some of them weird sensors, and all of them need to be geotagged as accurately as possible (no chance of gcp’s). Is pixhawk the way forward?
  5. Has anybody some experience building something alike? I’d love to pick your clever brains.
  6. If pixhawk, which version?

Sorry I’m just in the planning phase, and I’m quite a newbie, but I want to plan things right before I get started!

Hi please read this topic about Reach M+ integration on Inspire V.2 and it is possible to integrate Parrot sequoia camera on the second event port in Reach M+.

here there is an example of such integration on DJI PHANTOM 4PRO

Hi tinab, I did see your product, looks great! Can you give me a rough idea of the price of this? Thanks for the tip with the second event port!

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