Reach M+ and DJI Phantom 4 Integration

Yes, if you can see to accuracy of GCPs, you will see 16 and 20 cm - it was rain day.
But 4 of 5 days are the good accuracy under 10 cm.

This project shows you that you can receive good accuracy with Phantom 4 pro for 5 days flight and 30 sq km area with 25000 photos.

If you will fly 1-5 sq km, the accuracy by GCPs we received 1-5 cm.

Sorry for my English.))


That is a really good results for the geometry and number of photos ! This is without any GCP, only check points ?

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There were 5 flight days and thats why there were 5 GCPs. 1 for each flight day.
Other GCPs were for control only.

All points are unchecked on your screen grab.

Processing was for 5 blocks. Each block was 1 flight day. 1 GCP for 1 flight day.
Next all Blocks were merged and points were not checked so as not to start the adjustment again.

That just means they are used for checkpoints, and not controlpoints.


I know that, I am a Metashape user.
That is why I thought they were only check points. But Konstantin answered about merging chucks that were processed before.


last week I connected Reach (not m+) module to Teokit.
It was very easy and work very well.

Please see photos.
If you have any questions, you may ask here or in telegram (

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Our customer screenshot:

Flights were:
130 meters height
8 m/s speed
1.2 s - shooting interval
1 line flight only !
Total length is about 25 km.

Post processing with a base 1 Hz and 42-54 km far away from flight!
Teokit + Reach M+ inside the copter.


Hi Konstantin,

Have you considered making a low cost version of ashot board which is just a power supply without camera control? Just so as the less adventurous or technical among us can power their own setups (reach + LED detector) without having to pull the gimbal apart?

LED detector ? ))))
It is joke?

For power Reach you may use linear DC-DC 5v and solder it to Gimbal board (battery power 17v).
Solder points are very big and very easy for soldering.

Could you expand on this a little further? I use an LED kit and it is very reliable. The problem I see with your kit is that it only comes into play when you’re running RTK which most serious mappers are not right now. RTK is not stable enough for prolonged flight and daily flights for commercial work when your results have to be spot on every time. PPK is the only way that you can guarantee that the data you are inputting is solid.

Satellites need to be more reliable and LORA transmission needs to be more dependable with longer range.

  1. LEDs have timemark delay about 50-200 ms. If you fly “stop&go” it is not a problem.
    But if you fly 8-10 m/s speed - it will a big problem to make timemarks.
    AShot make timemark without delay - in the middle of exposure.

  2. You are right about RTK and PPK. PPK is more and more better RTK.
    Thats why Teokit is PPK kit.
    Teodrone make 10-15 sq km per day easy (4-5 cm/px) with 1-5 cm accuracy with 1 GCP for calibrating focus lenght.

  3. Teokit does not use LORA, because it uses PPK only.


  1. Time mark does it matter if you use GCPs and even then all sets can be built into post-processing.
  2. I know the ashot was meant for RTK, so how is teokit different. I thought it was used in combination with ashot? And you were tagging the photos directly?
  3. Correct LORA only applies in RTK.
  1. LEDs timemark delay is not stable. It can be 50 or 100 or 200 ms. It is very large delay and you cant solve it in postprocessing.

  2. AShot is sync board and send timemark event to gnss board when Phantom camera make shot.
    Teokit is set:
    AShot for sync timemark and gnss
    Teoboard for connecting antenna to DJI AP and gnss board
    Reach M+ for recording RAW sattelites
    Spiral antenna

You may see info at and

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So in the Teokit the Ashot is for marking the events in the Reach logs?

First message of this topic:

3 features of this board:

  1. It can make photos every 1.2 and 1.7 seconds, without missing of photos
    ( DJI SDK has 3-4 photos passes per 100 photos, but AShot 0 photos passes ).
  2. It can power Reach M+ with good quality voltage +5v.
  3. It can give to Reach M+ timemark in the middle of Shutter.

is it required to keep M+ record log for at least 30 minutes before stop and save the log file? I was told this is the requirement for L1 only GNSS to get FIX in post processing.

Hi Veha,

There’s no such requirement :slight_smile:

You can do that just to make sure recorded raw data covers the whole time of your mission.

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