Reach Integration with Navio2 over 4G

Hi Guys!

I am working on this project:

I have some questions about Reach.

I am interested in possibly using reach on this build. I have been reading through the documentation, and well…a lot of it is over my head at this point, but I read through the APM integration. All sounds doable, but I noticed all the documentation was running the corrections over a radio. My build has telemetry being sent and received over cellular. I have a verizon jetpack with a static IP address onboard the aircraft. I don’t have a radio on this. So will the corrections be able to be sent along with telemetry still? Telemetry is being send UDP. I start is like this:

ArduCopter-quad -A udp:xxx.xx.xx.xx:14550

Video is being send UDP as well like this:

**#gst-launch-1.0 -v v4l2src device=/dev/video0 ! \**
**#video/x-h264,width=1280,height=720,framerate=30/1 ! h264parse ! rtph264pay \**
**#pt=127 config-interval=4 ! udpsink port=9000**

Both are set to run at boot

Basically it is setup just like the Navio documentation said to, and it seems to work well.

As for my base station. I am using a windows laptop, with mission planner. It is connected over wifi to a verizon jetpack with a static ip address. So, for the reach base, would I then connect it to the verizon jetpack over the same wifi network it is creating to connect my laptop to? So as long as the base reach is within wifi range of the jetpack I would be good?

I keep seeing reference to a 10km range. Does that mean that if the aircraft should fly further than 10km away it does not work anymore? If it is running over a cellular connection would there be any range limitation, or does that have to do with what sort of corrections Reach base is sending?

Basically I want the flying accuracy. I don’t have any intentions of doing any survey work. So is this the best bet? And how does Reach RS play into this? I’m not sure I entirely understand what the differences are. Reach RS is the base station? I saw the video of the guy who installed it on an RC car. So is it the rover? I am just plain confused on that part. Should I be looking at Reach RS as a part I put on the aircraft. Or do I have the Reach RS on the ground and Reach in the air? Or maybe Reach RS isn’t really right for what I want to do and the standard Reach Kit is?

Yikes! Sorry so long winded. But thanks for any help/advice!!

Yes, it does not matter through what type of link you sent the telemetry. Corrections will be injected in the telemetry.


You will be getting less accuracy, but there is no hard limit.

It can be a rover or a base. In your case it makes sense to use RS as the base as it is rugged and battery powered. You can install it on a tripod near your GCS.

Great. Thank you for the answers to the questions here. As for the telemetry injection. Will it just automatically find the telemetry feed or do I need to tell where to put it?

Does the RS have more going for it than ruggedness and battery? Is it technologically better, or just basically a reach in a pretty package? I’m leaning toward the RS, but trying to determine if it would be worth the extra cash.

Thanks again.