Reach Integration with microcontrollers

I am recently looking for a pair of RTK gps modules for my autonomous vehicle project. I am wondering is it possible that reaches are used to integrate with microcontrollers? For example, I set a reach module as a base station, and the other reach connects to a robot controller, such as Arduino, via serial port. Also, base station connects to a xbee wireless module to send correction data. On the other hand, the robot controller connects to the xbee to receive the correction data. If so, how can microcontroller to deal with rover data and correction data? Furthermore, are there any tutorials on how reach can integrate with microcontrollers? Is there also a datasheet of reach?


Reach modules have UART interface available on the DF13 connector and also OTG USB. The most simple option would be to connect the radios with USB, and then to output solution via UART to your mcu.