Reach how to connect to pixhawk2.1

I have been optimistic about Reach as my UAV RTK solution,I recently bought a Reach.Do not know how to connect Reach to Pixhawk2.1.[ArduPilot Integration | RTK Modules] From here I learned about connecting Reach to Pixhawk.I do not know Reach DF13 connector should be connected to Pixhawk2.1 which interface?
I am now connecting the Reach DF13 connector to the Pixhawk2.1 GPS2 pin, just picking up the 4pin line: VCC, RX, TX and GND, do not know if it is correct? Hope anyone can help me, thanks!
Very much looking forward to your reply!

Use the GPS2 connector. Emlid recomends you to use both the “Here GPS” from Pixhawk 2.1 as GPS1 and the Reach as GPS2.

It works for me, but unless you recompile the reach source code with some of my bugfixes … it might not work for you :frowning:

Thank you for your reply!
Yesterday afternoon I tried it, Reach worked but GPS1 could not be positioned. I opened EKF3 in firmware version v3.8 beta5 for my fixed wing “Clouds”.
Reach connected to Pixhawk2.1 GPS2 pin, I only connected to the four lines, not 6pin. Do not know whether feasible?

Yes, you only need to connect 4 of the 6 pins in the GPS2 connector.

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