Here+ gives only 5m accuracy

Hello, I´m using just “Here GPS” and the rtk system just give me 5m of accuracy, is it because i need a second gps?

Are you using an Here GPS as the first GPS unit ?
Are you using an Here+ GPS (RTK) as the first GPS unit ?
Are you using a Emlid Reach as a first GPS unit?
Are you using a Emlid Reach as a second GPS unit?

With RTK (either Here+ or Reach) you must get 3 cm accuracy!!

Im using a HERE+ GPS(RTK) as the first and only gps unit. Im using a pixhawk 2 with the 3.5.0 arducopter firmware version and the mission planer 1.3.49 version and 3DR telemetry.
For 50 cm of accuracy the calibration take three hours¡¡

It should work fine, yes. No need to recompile anything, why did you do that ?

Are you sure you are injecting RTCM data correctly ?

I want to say calibrate, not recompile, it was a mistake xD

How can I be shure?

Thank you for your time

How did you connect the Here+ base station ?
Which software did you use to inject the RTCM data ?
Which instructions did you follow to configure the RTCM injection ?

Hi, I follow this steps to connect the here+ :

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