Reach hangs on "This log is being converted. Please wait"

My latest problem: Base log will not download. On the log tab, I click on the log file that I want to download and the message ‘This log is being converted. Please wait.’ appears and then Reach apparently hangs. How long do I need to wait? Going on 6 hr here…

Is this a bug? If so, what’s the fix?

Please update to ReachView 2.

I tried that about a month ago but went with an 1.2 version because the beta wasn’t working. It would hang on getting GPS time. Is that bug fixed yet?

The beta is working, please try again.

Hi when my computer start the download i push out the Usb cable, so i cant download anymore, just apear “This log is being converted. Please wait”, but the file was converted i just cant download.