Reach Flash Tool doesn't download the latest image

Hi Polina.

Similar problem in my two reach rs antennas (edison).
Try to upgrade from version 2.20.8 to 2.22.4 using emlid flasher tool and the message “outdated or incompatible firmware” appeared, download version 2.22.4 several times and the same message always came out.
Emlid flasher tool gave me the option to download the “latest” version 2.22.3 (something strange since the latest version should be 2.22.4) and this was how I was able to update my antennas but when reviewing the section :5000 appears test failure: 7-8-9 the same on my two antennas.

By testing my antennas abroad I can verify that it is very difficult to achieve “fix” and also to maintain it, something that did not happen in version 2.20.8.

Is it possible that due to test failures rtk performance is poor?

Hi @erro.alfaro88,

Thanks for noticing this with the Reach Firmware Flash Tool! We’ll fix this soon.

At the moment, you can download the latest v2.22.4 firmware version from this Firmware Reflashing guide. If you ignore the warning of Outdated or incompatible firmware, it’ll be possible to reflash the unit to v2.22.4 successfully.

Please use the v2.22.4 version for your tests as it contains important fixes in regard to the RTK performance. It should resolve the issues with getting Fix that might have appeared in v2.22.3 version. It’d be great to check the results of your tests with v2.22.4.

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Thanks Polina.

But to clarify, my antennas are in the latest stable version (v2.22.4).
The failures are presented in this version, tests fail 7-8-9 and difficulty to achieve and maintain fix.

I’m going to flash my antennas again following your suggestion; ignore the incompatibility message.


Hey there,

I just wanted to say that the issue with the Reach Firmware Flash Tool is now fixed. The Tool automatically checks for the latest stable version and downloads it for you.

@erro.alfaro88, if you experience any issues with units’ performance on the latest stable version v2.22.4, please, create a separate thread on the forum. It’d be useful if you’d attach the following information:

  • raw data log, position log and base correction log from the rover
  • raw data log from the base
  • Simple reports from both base and rover

This information will help me check the configuration of the units, the solution status during the survey, and if everything is received correctly on the rover.