Reach Firmware 29 Beta 3 is out

You mean the new Account Sync feature?


Exactly. I’m going to delegate this project to my other pilot. :wink: Thanks!


I am trying the cloud caster with my base connected to my home Wi-Fi and that is all good. Now on my rover it is using the hotspot for my phone and while I can connect I keep getting a read error at the bottom. I am sure everything is entered correctly.

After a little more fumbling around and not getting the RS2 to fully connect to the caster I decided to load up the drone before it got to dark to test. Drone went green in about 3-5 minutes and flew solid. The login error was on my part. I found the documentation and the rover has a whole different set of credentials. :slight_smile:

Now to understand the local caster. I guess it just needs to be within WiFi range of me/controller and the remote gets it directly from the receiver?

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The Local works by all devices being on the same network. The network, phone / hot spot, does not have to be connected to the www. Example. You are in the boonies and there is not data. You still turn on your hot spot and connect the RS2 and the drone’s remote to the hot spot. Enter the Local credentials and you should get corrections.

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So even if I am right next to the base I need to connect to a 3rd party for networking? I can’t just WiFi the Smart Controller to the receiver’s hotspot? After downloading the Google SRTM I am afraid I might lose everything in the canyon holes, maybe even have a tougher time with satellites. Hopefully since I am so close to Austin and only 5-6 miles from the closest station I might get lucky. Since I got the cloud casting dialed in I better get on the local. Flight starts in less than 12 hours!

Using I received failed to resolve host after putting in the correct credentials? I then tried the IP address of the caster from the documentation and it connected just fine. I think I see that I would just put in the address of the RS2 as defined by the 3rd party data. With that I would use the reach:emlidreach credentials?

Maybe. I did not try it but if they are all on the same network, it should work.

Local does not use It uses the IP address displayed in RV3. And, the rest of the credentials as per RV3 for local. All different than Emlid Caster.

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Thanks Dave! This will make the morning much more fun.

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Is there 29 Beta 4 out? My RS2 will not find it if it is.

See here: Can’t turn on RS2 Mobile data after update to 28.4 - #3 by amc.proiect

Hi Zach,

29 Beta 3 Reach Firmware is the latest available Beta version right now.

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