Can’t turn on RS2 Mobile data after update to 28.4

The mobile data were ok until I updated version 28.4.
I have flashed a few times and still can’t be started

I’m confused. Aren’t we only up to 28 v3 beta? I connected yesterday but there was no prompt to update and i am enrolled in the Beta FW.

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I have seen some units having their mobile data configuration reset after flashing.

Could you check on the Mobile Data page :

  • if the APN is correctly input - if ever you had one configured before the update
  • if activating “Data roaming” has any influence
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Interesting. Mine will not update.

Hi @amc.proiect,

I agree with the suggestions from Florian. Please make sure you entered the APN settings for the SIM card. Usually, it’s required to provide the access to the mobile data.

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Hi Zach,

You’ve subscribed to the Beta updates so the latest available version is 29 Beta 3. If you roll back to stable version, then you’ll get 28.4 Reach Firmware.


I entered APN, and tried all the variants with mobile data including roamning and share date

I see. Can you please generate the Full system report on your device and share it to I’ll check if there are any issues on the side of the SIM card detection.

What mobile carrier provided you with the SIM card?

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