Reach Firmware 1.6 is out for Reach RX receivers

Hello guys!

We’ve released 1.1 firmware for Reach RX.

This release is mainly focused on improving the stability of the device.
There are also a couple of changes:

  • Added base satellites info to the SNR chart
  • Reworked generation of NMEA messages since some users have problems with GSV messages

The new firmware is already available for download in the Reach Firmware Flash Tool!


Hi Alexey, I updated the firmware to version 1.1 and I have a problem with receiving the NTRP correction. If RX recived any corrections, the device will automatically restart. Can you please help me somehow?

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Hi Matej,

Thanks for reporting!

It seems we’ve found what could be the cause of such behavior. The devs are already working on it. Once there’s any news about this, I’ll make sure to let you know.


Best to reflash back to previous version 1. With Reachview version 7.15 the fix appears stable

Thank you for your reply, but i update Reach View to version 7.15 and now i´ dont know how to reflash to 1.0 firmware version via Reach View. Do you have a manual on how to do this? Thanks

Hello everyone!

Today we have released the new version of Reach RX Firmware - 1.2!

It should fix the bug when the receiver reboots after connecting to some NTRIP casters.

The new release is already available for download in the Reach Firmware Flash Tool !

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Hi Matej,

Please feel free to update your RX to the new version of the firmware! As Alexey has mentioned above, it contains the fix for the issue you faced.

Let me know whether it works fine for you know.


Hi Liudmila,
I am very happy. You found a solution to this problem very quickly. I will try to update the firmware to version 1.2 on Monday. I’ll let you know if it´s ok.

Hi Alexey, is the firmware flash tool the only way of updating the Reach RX ? Thanks !

Hi Matej,

Sure, I’ll be waiting for your feedback. Hopefully, it really solved the issue you faced!

Hi Florian,

Currently, you can update RX firmware through the Flash Tool only.

Hi Ludmila,
I updated the RX with the new firmware and everything looks good. The problem with the device restarting after receiving the NTRIP is gone. Thank you very much for your quick response and support.


Hi Matej,

We’re really glad to hear it works fine for you now! Thanks for letting me know about it :slightly_smiling_face:

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Today we have released the new version of Reach RX Firmware - 1.3!

The list of changes:

  • Optimized the battery life when the device is turned off
  • Miscellaneous stability improvements

It is already available for download in the Reach Firmware Flash Tool!


We released the new Reach RX firmware v1.4!

Short overview of new features:

  • Ability to download a system report (available with the new Emlid Flow v8.8 app)
  • Internal fixes and improvements

It is available in the Reach Firmware Flash Tool!


@ilia.lutchenko can you tell us more about the internal fixes and improvements? what that mean , what is new? what is improved? what are the fixes?.

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Please consider pushing notices of Firmware updates to users; e.g., email, newsfeed, Emlid Flow app, any or all methods.

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Hi Dorin,

These are rather internal changes made under the hood which are related to the overall system performance. If there are bug fixes for the particular functionality of the receiver, we are always sure to add them to the release notes.

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Hi Kelly,

For now, we add the release notes to the forum and our docs. But we’ll consider other ways of letting the users know about the updates.

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