Reach + Bluetooth + iOS


By documentation, Reach can be connected to a smartphone via bluetooth in order to stream position data. In my case i would like to connect it to an iPhone or iPad (iOS)

Does anybody know how to get position data in iOS application?
Is this via Custom APIs or external GPS will override the internal GPS service and I could get position data via CoreLocation service?

Thanks in advance,

To my knowledge this is not possible as the reach is not an apple trusted nmea device.

Any idea if it is going to be a part from an apple trusted devices or this is a hard process and takes a lot of moneys and time?
I am looking for a way how to get position data from the reach in iOS application.
I think if nmea certification is a hard work, it would be a good option reach to support for example REST API.


What about connecting by TCP?

Do you know any apps on the iPhone that accept a position via tcp. Would be a great work around if you did, just create a hotspot (on reach or iphone) and get position…

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