Integration with iOS devices over BT

We are also interested on this topic. We just tried to connect RS2 with iOS bluetooth without success. So I assume, the devices are still not trusted?
There is a number of cities that are restricted to iOS mobile devices due to IT security policies (let’s not discuss wether this is a good idea, we just have to face this fact). As far as I have found ArcGIS collector does not support TCP-data stream, therefore this workaround does not help in this case.

Is there any news on the this, @egor.fedorov?

Hi @jahn,

At the moment, the Bluetooth position output to iOS devices is not supported.

In the meantime, the only workaround I can suggest is using ArcGIS on Android device or working with another app that supports TCP.

Hi @polina.buriak,

are there any plans for iOS certification (or whatever else is needed for Bluetooth use)?

Best regards,

Hi @jahn,

At the moment, we can’t provide you with any information about plans or ETA regarding this.

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