Reach 3 app settings for PPK

Hello, I just got my rs2, Dji m300 and L1 sensor. Im trying to get it set up for PPK flights only but i have not found much info online for PPK. Im not sure what a lot of my settings in the reach 3 app are to be set as.

Also can i run the app through my phone or do i need to have it all setup and ran through the dji smart controller?

Hi Eddy,

Welcome to our community! I believe you’ll have a nice journey into PPK, so I’m even a little jealous :sweat_smile:

ReachView 3 is a mobile app for Android and iOS, so you can just install it on your phone. After that, set the Reach RS2 base: enable all GNSS and choose the 1 Hz Update rate. To record logs for PPK, follow the How to log data for PPK guide.

To post-process the data from your Reach base and drone’s sensor, you can use our Emlid Studio software. You can check what it can do in our Emlid Studio docs. If any questions come up, feel free to ask them here!


hey thanks for the information! i will look into this right away.

Is it a requirement to post process in Emlid Studio before i can process in DJI terra?

Hi Eddy,

As I see, DJI Terra can post-process files from the L1 sensor and RINEX from a base station together. If so, you don’t need to process the data in Emlid Studio beforehand.

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