Raw data logging of all sensors on Navio2 or Navio+

Hi there,

I was wondering if I can log or stream the raw data of all the sensors from Navio2 or Navio+. By all the sensors, I mean the dual IMU (accel, gyro, mag), baro as well as GPS. To be more detailed:

  1. Can I access the sensors and stream or log whatever I want? What is the maximum rate for logging such data?
  2. Is logging the data already done on the Navio2 (or Navio+) board? If so, what is the rate of logging? and can it be streamed to a PC (or another device) instead?


Other posts/topics regarding raw data that I can’t find a satisfying answer in:

Inside APM of course you have variable DataFlash logging levels that can be configured with the LOG_BITMASK parameter. Within the limits of what the sensor can deliver already. http://copter.ardupilot.com/wiki/common-downloading-and-analyzing-data-logs-in-mission-planner/#log_types_dataflash_vs_tlogs

Outside APM you can take/modify the code examples and stick them together in your own solution. If you are not a C++ programmer then the Python examples are probably closer to scripting.

Other than that if you really wanted log level information I could imagine the drivers could be set in some kind of verbose mode, but cannot comment on that because I don’t know the Linux source. But even if that were possible it’s likely there would be too much data written to the SD card (all sensors at the same time) so could interfere with the standard APM logging (the best then).

Whether the dual IMU of Navio2 appears to APM as one or two devices is unknown to me. I suppose it would make sense to allow both through then let the APM EKF stuff do it’s magic to decide which sensor is sending better data.