Raspi and Navio heat mgmt


I use a pi in a water tight enclosure ip 65, We have really hot weather out here and for various reasons, passive cooling doesnt seem to help. Also have some programs that are cpu intensive on the pi.

As a solution was thinking of submerging the pi and Navio2 in mineral oil.

Is there any component on Navio2 that would have a problem with being submerged in mineral oil, sensors, imu,Gps etc ? (i dont use pressure or temp)

Why dont you jsut take it out of the enclosure

I need it for outdoor use in any weather.

What temperature do you have outside?
Have you done any temperature tests?

Upto 110F, will try to do some temperature readings and update. Would still like an answer if Navio2 can be submerged tho.

I dont think its good idea. There is barometer, gyroscopes which can be damaged.

Just use heat sinks and fan if needed.

You can also organize waterproof air intake and outlet.

ok thanks.

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