Navio2 operating temperature

perhaps related to this:
what are normal temperatures the Navio2 components will reach under normal operating conditions?
I have a Navio2 connected to a PI3. They are powered through the PI adapter.
Some navio2 components are getting very hot. It seems it concentrates around the power components on the Navio2 boards.

Is this normal?

this is also related to this topic, which has not been answered yet.

software I use is the latest download for the PI image.
All sensors seems to work fine (info is transmitted to Qgroundcontrol)
green led is flashing on the NAvio2.

Hi Peter,

Can I ask you to send some photos of your hardware setup? It’ll help us to understand how you power Navio2.

Do you have any issues connected with overheating? What is the output of the vcgencmd measure_temp command?

output of vcgencmd measure_temp is 67.7 degrees
and the setup is as follows:

is this a normal temperature?

Hi Peter,

That temperature is quite high, but it should not affect Navio2 performance.

May I ask you to unplug all 3rd party equipment and make temperature tests without any external connections?

The temperature is not influenced by removal of the external connections.
As you stated: the performance (in this setup) of the Navio2 is not influenced.
I can imagine however, when the Navio is in a closed box the temperature will rise to, what might become, critical levels.