Raspberry pi compute module and navio2 connection question

I want to connect raspberry pi computer module and navio2.
However, I checked the link below and connected properly, but navio2 is not working.
link : Navio2 working on raspberry pi compute module 3

Once navio2 is connected to raspberry pi 3b+, it operates normally.
And I connected the sd card that I connected to raspberry pi 3b+ to the computer module dev kit and finished booting.
Finally, we connected to Navio2 like the pin map of raspberry pi 3b+.
However, it didn’t work properly and when you type “sudo emlidtool ardupilot”, nothing appears in the test in the lower right corner.

So I have a question.
How do I proceed if I want to connect the navio2 using the raspberry pi computer module?
Do I need to upload another image file to the sd card?
Or have I not been able to connections?

Please check it.
Thank you.

Please check the answer in the following thread: