Questions about the mission program on Navio2 and Raspberry Pi

I’m asking this question because I have a question.
First of all, I connected Raspberry pi with Navio2 and used the mission planner to launch the drone.
I have a question here: If you hand over your mission from mission planner to raspberry pi, where will you be stored in raspberry pi to carry out your mission?
If you can’t save it in a file, I wonder how you know the contents of the mission and perform it.
I look forward to hearing from the masters.


Flight plan data is stored in Navio (Raspberry?) memory. Even if you shut down or restart, flight plan stay available to run if needed. So beware if you change flight location and activate “automatic flight” it will start and try to go to first recorded waypoint…

You can save different “flight plans” on your computer and upload one of them on your Navio when needed.

You can also fly manually a path, record waypoints then redo the path (automatic flight) then edit the flight plan on the computer and change altitude or action at each waypoint then upload the altered flight plan on the Navio.

Hello, mlevret.
Thank you for your reply.
But I have a question.
Navio2 and raspberry pi are connected, so what does raspberry pi do?
I wonder what Navio2 does and what raspberry pi does.

Raspberry is a computer.

Navio2 is an interface with sensors and input-output (receiver, motors, uart,…)

Raspberry process data received from Navio and output to Navio various orders to motors and accessories when needed.

Thank you for your kind reply.
The flight plan you sent from mission planner to Navio2 will be stored in Navio2 memory.
So where are the motor outputs to execute the flight plan and the data for the flight?
I want to know where the output for flight is.
Are you sending orders from raspberry pi?
Or does Navio2 handle it on its own?

There are some clues in academic work:

and arducopter auto mode flight control source code:

I’m sorry to ask so many questions.
We looked at the last link to the autocoupter flight control source code attached.
I installed a raspbian with an erucopter, and I couldn’t find the above erucopter source code in it. Do you happen to know where it is?
The raspbian I installed could be downloaded from the link below.

There is no “source code” there, just an compiled executable file. If you want to edit the code, have a look at Emid Navio2 documentation:

and Ardupilot documentation:

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