Question about reach mode

I’m trying to use my two reach as land survey tool, I don’t have radio or wi-fi communication, I’m planning on doing post-processing.
I have one setup as a base and the other as rover, the base is on a unknown position and I plan to use the rover for surveying points.
My question is about the mode both the rover and base should be, should it be in single mode?

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Yes, you can use UBX raw receiver log for both Rover and Base. Get a Base Single location when you start up Base. Record this for later map and other post processing. Use RTKLIB or post processing. ENU solution will give good relative results of Rover relative to Base. LLH will give results based on accuracy of Base. Good discussions in FORUM and Reach DOCs & Tutorial. You will need to do RTKCONV to convert to RTKPOST .obs. However, Emlid now also has RINEX logs so you probably won’t need UBX. Nice to record both though. Most CORS station files are RINEX 2.11.
Good luck.

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