Question about pole and tripod height

So I was working through a project test today as I’m still getting grips with the equipment and process. I was asked a question and to be honest I am not sure of the answer so maybe you can help.
When start a survey and I add a point the pole height (say 2m) added in the section at the bottom left of the screen, Am I correct in assuming the software removes 2m from the elevation before it produces the CSV file? in other word is the elevation in the CSV file is showing height of the GCP and not the Rover?
Also does the base assume the tripod height is 2m and do the same or can I enter my own tripod height? Thank you

Yes, the Antenna Height determines the value for the shot as determined by the rover head. You can enter your base antenna height in Base Mode.

So yes and does the base take the entered height into account it height when it does its thing?

I actually am not 100% certain on the details of this. I know you need to enter the base height when entering a manual coordinate, but from what I have seen I don’t see it clearly stated that this is also required for an Averaged point. I assume so, but… @wizprod @TB_RTK?

Thank you. Ill email Emlid and ask.

For an averaged point, the Antenna height is not used, as you reference the ARP of the antenna instead.

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Hello, when placing the antenna in the rover I enter the measured height of the tip of the stick to the base of the scope (range without adapter), getting to see the height of the equipment in automatic adds. For the post-processing of the base the height has to be considered in the same way and the post-processing software is added, the difference is that it is not considered an automatic height but the height of the point to the base + the height of the equipment. That’s how I do it, I’m not sure if that’s your question.


I hope to help.

Note that on the RS and RS+ models that the 65mm dimension does not include the 22mm brass adapter fitting for the 5/8’s thread.

It is correct, that is why I comment from the tip of the pole to the base of the antenna and without checking the box of the adapter. In my case I handle it that way because it seems more practical. Regards.

I like the fact that when I run a standard Seco 2 meter pole with the RS2 134 mm added in
makes perfect 7-foot height of antenna.

Hi all,

I just want to sum up what we need to obtain the correct height of a point on the ground in CSV:

  • Enter the rover’s tripod height in the Survey project

  • If you place the base on a point with known coordinates and enter them in the Manual mode, enter the base’s tripod height as well

There is no need to enter the base’s tripod height in the Average mode, since the base averages its position, including the tripod height.

Thank you all for your help. I spoke to Emlid who have confirmed that in order to get the correct height for the base unit you must measure the height of the tripod and deduct this from the height given in the .Pos file from processing the base logs. Not sure if this was in the instruction or if i missed but would have been nice to know.

Hi @sgeyeuk,

I just want to clarify that you don’t need to process the base’s logs to know its position. You can simply average it in the ReachView app.

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