Adjusting Pole and Tripod Height After Survey Project Finished

While working through the post-processing of data to solving another problem, came across the question of if we could change the Pole height after survey project finished.

For additional clarification, when you start a survey project, the app may ask you optionally what the pole height may be - default its 2m. Now I was out in the field and didn’t get a chance to properly measure/input the correct for the h in the below image:


Is there a way to do this after the fact? The points I surveyed aren’t known points and it was done via Fix solution status. From the post here: Question about pole and tripod height it looks like I could potentially use the .pos file to work backwards. Thanks in advance!

Do your mean your RTK data or your post processed data?

I apologize for my misunderstanding, but isn’t post processed data based on RTK data? If so, I suppose RTK data would be the best place to make the correction and adjustments.

The default is 2m. Just subtract what you measure then edit it in excel. And add the difference in elevation.

Or if you didn’t measure the previous base height. Occupy it again measure the height and shot some reference point.

I’m afraid you’re out of luck. If you PP without knowing your rod height, your elevation would be wrong.

Hi @cluelessNavi,

I want to confirm that it’s impossible to change the antenna height in the ReachView app after the survey. However, if you know the right antenna height, you can still post-process the data with it.

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