Quadplance Crash

Tested my Quadplane and Navio2 out today.

Armed in Qstabalized and and took off in QLoiter. About a meter from the ground the plane flipped on its head and on to the ground and refused to disarm Tried Ground station disarming as well as Throttle and nothing.

I noticed that just before the crash Qgroundcontrol gave me a Logging Error.

Hooked the Navio 2 up to my home network and now i receive an error saying that not all Temlemetry data can be displayed.

Time to move to he Cube

No telemtry logs for todays flight:rage::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Sorry, it’s taken us so long to reply. Could you tell us if your problem still persists?

Hey George.

No worries. Haven’t flown in a while but actually busy installing the OS again. Will let you know

OK so here is the result. I get filed to start arducopter but plane starts

Hello George.

As I suspected, I think this FC is a bit broken. Can not get Arducopter to boot as you can see. I can get arduplane to start on boot but i see that there is no movement of the HUD when connected to ground station.

I also get an error message saying’ barometer drivers failed to launch.

I further noticed that when ardupilot is not raunning that there are no tests in emlidtool

baro driver


Can you please post the output of sudo emlidtool test?
Disable your arduplane service before.

Hello Alex. I am going to post you a link to another post as well.

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