RCIO not connected and other errors

Hello everyone. George if you are reading this, this is a follow up on my previous post but I see no response to that post.

So I am having various issues and need some help on whether my Navio 2 or RPI is broken.

Here are some screen shots of emlidtool and how everything is connected together


I just noticed that following. I touched one of my pis heatsinks and it was very hot to the touch with the Navio attached. I could not touch it for more than 2 seconds ???. With the navio off the i can keep my finger on the heatsink?

Please use the provided screws to fix RPi and Navio2 and after repeat emlidtool test.

It does that with or without the screws

I have noted the RPIO problems and the Barometer problems a couple of times before. The RPIO problem will sometimes dissapear but the barometer problem always exist

OK SO now what ?

Could you please take a photo of a properly screwed Navio 2 and a screenshot of i2cdetect -y 1?
Most of the times issues like yours have been solved by a tighter connection. In case the screws don’t change anything, I might wanna ask you to give a little squeeze on the connector making the connection between the boards rock solid and issue i2cdetect -y 1 one more time.

OK great I will do that.

My older posts was with the crews properly connected and tightned. Just a question. MY RPI CPU temp at idle is 78. Is this normal?

As you asked

Just an update for any one with similar issues.

Navio 2 is fine. Raspberry pi was faulty

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