QGroundControl and Navio2 connecting issue

I am using emlid Navio2 and RasPi3, Qgroundcontrol v3.4.0

I did all steps for RasPi and Navio2. Then i started the ardurover module in console of Putty.
I created a comm links in Qgroundcontrol app.

they connected but i couldnt see the Vehicle Setup Menus. I just saw the Summary and (it is empty)
I checked the console of Qgroundcontrol. then i get this error message;

C:\PROJECTS\QGROUNDCONTROL\SRC\COMM\UDPLINK.CC:190 -“Error writing to QHostAddress(”")1"

Please help me this issue.

Hey there,

Have you followed this guide? Could you please share your /etc/default/ardurover file?

There is no need to create comm links in QGroundControl to specify connection with Navio2, all you need is to configure ardurover and tick the UDP in Application Settings => General.


Have you figured it out?

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