QGroundControl Accelerometer Calibration

I am unable to complete the Accelerometer calibration using QGroundControl on my Navio2 with APM:Copter V3.4-rc4.

When I complete the orientation steps, I see a message in the console ‘Info: Calibration Succesful’. When I try to arm it, I see a message ‘Critical: PreArm: Accelerometers calibrated requires reboot.’

However after rebooting my system, when I reconnect QGroundControl, the accelerometer is still red and there is no record of the calibration.

Is there anything special I need to do to save the values before rebooting my copter? Anybody have guidance on how to fix?

I am able to complete the calibration successfully using Mission Planner on Windows, but I’d rather use QGroundControl on my Mac.

( Posted in QGroundControl discussion list as well: Redirecting to Google Groups )

( Another report in this forum on a similar issue: Accelerometer calibration failure, Navio2 pi3, mission planner )

Oh, this problem is indeed a frustrating one.
It’d be extremely nice of you if you could open an issue on QGC’s github. I believe this is a place to report bugs and usability problems.

Posted here: Accelerometer calibration problem · Issue #4126 · mavlink/qgroundcontrol · GitHub

Awesome. Thanks!

Had the same issue! Try using APM Planner for some reason it seems to be better updated. Which is strange because QGroundControl has been updating quite frequently and they are developing apps to run it on any platform (even iOS).

APM Planner does work on Mac. Thought it is disappointing since QGroundControl has a much nicer interface but its poorly programmed as it seems. I tried running telemetry over wifi, setup a Navio 2 with Rpi 3 and TL-WN722N, QGroundControl takes like 15 seconds to load and randomly drops connection, APM Planner loads almost instantly and doesn’t drop connection!

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Hi Marcello,

Do you have a tutorial how to set up an AP or P2P WiFi on pi? I have been trying with WiFi Direct capable adapters, but no luck so far. I am using one with a Realtek chip.

Hi @navio2noob,

Sorry hadn’t been on the forum for a while. I do not currently have any tutorials thought I am working on making tutorials that will cover everything I am working on for my quadcopter. More of a matter of when I have time, because of school. This is a comprehensive guide that currently uses the best and up to date stuff and works: How-To: Simple Wireless Repeater - Jessie - Raspberry Pi Forums

If your looking to use it as a wireless repeater then use the IP Tables rules given, if rerouting through ethernet use replace “wlan0” with the name of your ethernet adapter. (should be something like “eth0”) If you do not want to forward traffic just skip the step for IP Tables. DHCP needs to be used even if not forwarding traffic.

Hope this helps, I apologize for the delay in responding.

Guys, I’m closing this thread as the bug has been fixed. For now a stable release with a bug fix hasn’t been released but you can use daily build.