Accelerometer calibration failure, Navio2 pi3, mission planner

Hi all,
Having problems doing an initial accelerometer calibration using mission planner. from videos it seems it’s pretty instant that once you press the key to take reading for each axis. for me i orient the copter correctly press “any” key and the first test takes maybe 10 secs, then each other progressively longer till up to 2-3mins. some times i make it to the upside down calibration but sometimes it fails before then. Mission planner reacts to movement correctly in the telemetry window. Anyone shed some light on this. I’m connected via wifi over udp.


Which version of MissionPlanner are you using? Can you try a recent one?

1.3.38 build 1.1.5983.12141
downloaded yesterday. first use so presume it’s the most up to date

just D/L’d Qgroundcontrol. Seems to go though the accelerometer calibration process with that but still says it requires calibration after. It does give a warning about using wifi while calibrating accel. so tried again in mission planner via ethernet cable, it still takes ages but it successfully completed this time. maybe an interference problem (I also had a bluetooth keyboard dongle in the pi)?