Provide Internet access via USB on M+


I have an Reach M+ module connected to a PC via USB, with NTRIP setup for corrections.
Position out is set to USB-to-PC and I use this to get the NMEA msgs.
Currently in order to provide internet access (for NTRIP) to M+, I have connected the M+ wifi to the PC hotspot. (The PC has internet access).
The problem is sometimes, the PC takes time to boot up and this causes M+ to switch to hotspot mode (after wifi search timeout).

Is it possible to provide internet access to the M+ over the USB interface ?

Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi Sooraj,

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You can connect an LTE modem to Reach M+ via USB-OTG cables. This setup will provide Reach M+ with the Intenet connection. However, please note that this modem should be compatible with Linux OS to work with Reach M+. Please refer to this part of the guide for more detail.

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Hi @liudmila.slepova,

Thank you for the response.

Our case is a bit different.
The M+ is connected to a mini PC (running linux) via USB. So M+ is powered via USB.
The mini PC has internet access made available by an 4G modem.

Is it possible to provide M+ internet connection via usb connected to PC, instead of connecting it directly to the modem ?

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Hi Sooraj,

Thanks for your patience.

In such a case, it might be possible to use a USB-to-Ethernet adapter to provide Reach M+ with the Internet. Reach devices should work with Asix AX88772B USB-to-Ethernet adapters since we’ve tested this particular adapter ourselves.

Regarding the other models, if I remember correctly, some of our users work with Realtek RTL8152B. However, I can hardly ensure that it works as we’ve never tested that.


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