Add default route to the usb1 device, too

Currently, Reach M+ only connects to Internet (sets up a default route) on the WLAN interface. Would it be possible to also add a default route to the usb1 interface, possibly with a lower metric than the wifi default route?

This seems like minimum change to the internal networking config. And it should not break anything. It would only need something like this added to the file:


There was a similar request last year, but without the details on how easily this can be set up in systemd-networkd: Provide Internet access via USB on M+ .

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Hi Martin,

Thanks for this suggestion! Can you please share what your desired setup in such a case is? I just want to understand how you see the area of this functionality application.

Hi, the usage is simple - being able to provide internet access via the built-in microUSB. We already use it for serial connection, so why not use this same connection to provide internet. At the same time - USB connection is several times more reliable than Wifi, which is something that might convince some other users to turn off their wifi and start using the USB cable for internet, too.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for sharing this with me! Now, it is possible to provide the Internet connection via a USB-to-Ethernet adapter. Doesn’t this solution work for you?

Hi, USB-Ethernet adapter would work. But it is an unnecessary contraption added to an otherwise working system. Not even speaking about reliability of USB-Ethernet adapters. Also space requirements for integration would be worse than for the module alone.

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Hi Martin,

I see; thanks! Indeed, I understand how this would be useful for such setups. I’ll share your suggestion with the devs.


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