Processing stop&go

I need if someone can help me to process stop & go files with RTKLIB and then how to export all the surveyed points to turn them into flat coordinates. I do not know what the results are. I still do not have the EMLID GPS coming. Thank you

Do you have the start/stop timings from a survey or just noted down?

Hi Luis

If you are looking at post-processing stop & go sites recorded with Emlid ReachView application, EZSurv post-processing software can read the points collected by ReachView and thus it will output the post-processed results for your surveyed points.

EZSurv can also post-process UAV flight data and interpolate photo positions captured by Emlid product. The file output is the ready to be used in your image processing software.

See below 2 YouTube videos that explain the workflow:

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Hi everyone,

Just wanted to say our Emlid Studio PPK software has a Stop&Go mode. So if you have logs from the base and rover and a CSV file from ReachView 3, you can easily get separate points. To find the step-by-step workflow, check our docs!

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