Problems with distance in RTK

Hello, I am doing RTK with two RS2 and I only have correction until 150 or 200 meters. There are only a few trees that take away direct vision, but I think the distance should be greater (There are no medium or high voltage lines). I would like to know if something like this happened to them and how far do you work in RTK. I use the settings suggested by the tutorials.
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So Beyond that distance you are not receiving corrections, it that how I should understand it?

Exactly. Only up to 200 meters away do I have a radio signal. I would like to know if it could be an error in the configuration or equipment failure.

Can you provide a screenshot of your base mode tab from Reachview?

Your data-rate might be too low for the interval and amount of messages your are trying to sent. Can you try the highest data-rate, or the opposite, only GPS MSM4+ARP.

Thank you.
Tomorrow I will test that configuration

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