Problem with rtk corrections after update to reachview 2.22.3

Hi I wonder if some can help us. We have three Reach RS+. All of them were updated to reachview v2.23.3. We made an checking experiment to work in RTK mode. Base was configured as follows:

Rover was configured as follows

Nevertheless we do not have constant corrections:

In some of the points collected we had a fix solution, in others a float one.
In the previous version of the software we did not have such a problem with the corrections. Also we could configure the LORA frequency at 860mhz. On this version we are allowed to connect at 902.0mhz as minimum, no acces to 860mhz anymore. We are working in Mexico City, if that data is useful.
We wonder what are we doing wrong

Thanks before hand

Gerardo and Javier

Hi Gerardo,

May I ask you to share the following data recorded during your tests? I’d like to analyze what may go wrong.

  • UBX raw data from both base and rover
  • position log from the rover
  • base correction log from the rover

This guide should help you to download the files.

We updated LoRa frequency constraints in accordance with local rules in this version.

First Thanks for the time. We did not recorded anything yesterday, but today we conducted another test and logged what you requested. (383.6 KB) (1.9 MB) (225.0 KB) (5.5 MB) (199.7 KB)
Files named base_UBX are the raw data from the base.
Thanks again
Gerardo and Javier

Hi again…just to show you the variation of the corrections we made an screen recording. Settings today were the same as yesterday (4.7 MB)

Yes, this is happening that you mentioned since some versions ago

Hi Gerardo, can you do another test please by reversing the roles of the two receivers (base like rover and rover like a base).
Also try to place the base in a place with the clearest sky possible without any obstacles.

I like to do so…but because of covid 19 I will be able to get access to my equipment until April 20, sorry

Ok I understand, take care!

Hi Gerardo,

Thanks for sharing the files! It helps us determine the issue. At the moment, we’re working on the fix for it. I’ll inform you once it’s out.

The grey bars’ erratic behavior and the base satellites’ number drops are indeed present while Reach is getting corrections over internal LoRa. However, this is just an indication of the displaying issue that shouldn’t affect maintaining the fix. We’ll fix this too.



Today I had a brief chance to access my equipment. As suggested by Zinou, I made a couple of experiments using the rovers as base and the base as rover. The symptoms of the problem described before continue. I notice that today I did not have any corrections from Galileo Satellites, and sometimes I have no corrections from Glonass. I include the data. You can dowload it from:

file will be available up to march the 28th.

Thanks before hand

Gerardo and Javier

Hi Gerardo,

We’re still looking into the issue with getting a fix solution.

Would it be possible to remember if you enabled the Galileo corrections (1097 RTCM3 message) on the base during each of the tests?

I am afraid that I did not document that. As soon as I can get acces to my equipment again, I could make a couple of test. Sorry


Please keep us informed on when it’d be possible to access to the receivers again.

At the moment, we’re working on the solution to the issue with obtaining a fix with Reach RS+.

Hey there,

Just wanted to give you an update. We’ve released the v2.22.4 stable version that should improve the overall RTK performance of the units. Please keep us informed on whether this update helps you to obtain better RTK result.

To return to the stable version from the dev version, you need to reflash the unit according to our Firmware reflashing guide. Please remember that reflashing destroys all of the files stored on the unit so you might want to download all of the data from the unit prior to reflashing procedure.

Thanks! Unfortunately we are in mandatory quarantine in my city. As soon as I can get access and perform some experiments I let you know about it. I appreciate the time you took to solve my problem.
Thanks again

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