Problem connecting to RS+

Hi, I am a user RS+ but now I have a problem to connect from my computer Windows 10 and from my Phone, Huawei P smart.
how can I solve it?


Victor Ochoa

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Have you followed the First Setup procedure?


Hi Victor,

Could you please tell us what is the LED status on Reach RS+? Have you connected to the same network as Reach?

Con relación a mi pregunta respecto a la conexión wifi con un HAWUEI Psmart2019, realice lo siguiente mismo que comparto con ustedes:

  1. Encender el RS+ (observar que las luces queden encendidas).
  2. Desde el smartphone conectarse a la red reach.XXXXX.
  3. deshabilitar los datos moviles del smartphone.
    4.abrir la app reachview, 2.16.2
    5.habilitar nuevamente los datos moviles del smarthphone.
    6.En el panel de reachview seleccionar la opción BLUETOOH. y emparejar el RS+ con el smartphone.
    7.comprobar la conexión y la vista del mapa openstreet.


Please keep posts in English, so everyone can participate without having to translate every single time.

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Regarding my question regarding the Wi-Fi connection with a HAWUEI Psmart2019, do the following that I share with you:

1.Turn on the RS + (note that the lights are on).
2.From the smartphone connect to the reach.XXXXX network.
3.Disable mobile data on the smartphone. the reachview application, 2.16.2
5. Re-enable the mobile data of the smartphone.
6.On the reachview panel, select the BLUETOOH option. and pair the RS + with the smartphone.
7. Check the connection and view of the openstreet map.

Every LEDS are ON

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Hi Victor,

Do I get it right that you want to output Reach position to the PC? In this case, could you please send us a screenshot of the Bluetooth tab of ReachView app?

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