Issue with accessing Reach in ReachView

I am also having a problem with just opening the reachview app to connect with the RS receivers. My app is version 1.6, do you have the current version, help me the link to download it.

Is the problem with:

  • opening the Reachview app itself,
  • or connecting to the wifi of the reach device,
  • or connecting to the reachdevice from the Reachview app ?

Starting with Opening the reachview app itself is a problem.
And all the receivers are on with all lights on and static.

Are you on ios or android ?
What error does it come up with, if any?

An Android user!a blackview rugged phone.
It says ’ we cant seem to find any reach receivers in your local network ’

How did you connect the phone to the reach device?

Well, I came to understand where the problem was after the slight delay on my reply. I am now able to move between the two receivers in reachview app and clear some error codes, I am now receiving satellites signal.
By tomorrow I will test the devices with a landstar 7 app to see how it will behave in my working zone. I will then comeback for any difficulty.

Thanks for your time Christian.

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