Precise realtime GPS tracking


I have to run a project to build a solution for precise real-time GPS tracking (accuracy +/- 500mm) of mobile objects on a closed territory (approximately 100m X 1500m).

Current vision of solution is:


  • Emlid Reach M+
  • Тallysmаn TW4721
  • LoRa radio for Reach M+



Unfortunately, the area where the solution should work has no GSM mobile network coverage to collect coordinates from Rovers in real time.
The idea was to use LoRa not only to transfer corrections from base station to Rover but also to transfer rover`s coordinates to base station in real time through LoRa and use usb/wi-fi/rs232 port on Base station for real-time processing on the PC.

Is it possible to configure the equipment to use it in such way?

Hi @busarov.denis,

Reach base can broadcast corrections over LoRa. However, it’s not possible to send the rover position back to the base.

May be any other base/rover equipment could be used for the task described above?

Hi @busarov.denis,

I’m afraid I can help you only with Reach-related questions.

Reach rover can output its real-time position over Serial, BT or TCP. However, as I mentioned earlier, Reach base can’t accept it.

May I ask you to clarify why do you need to get a rover position on a base?

I need to collect in realtime information about current position of every rover to process it.
Taking into account that GSM mobile network is not avialable in that area,
i need to organise my own ‘on the air’ transport to collect all information.
Idea to use base for that is pretty nice as all necessary hardware are on board (LoRa modem on Rover and Base).
As an alternative way i need to add one more modem (LoRa or GSM) to Rover and organise additional LoRa/GSM base station to collect all data.


You can also connect any Serial or USB radio to Reach rover to output the real-time position from it to any third-party device.

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